A Weekend in Alibaug

A Weekend in Alibaug

July 12, 2019

There is nothing better than long weekend plans or romantic weekend getaways when it comes to rejuvenating and restoring our energy for the next few weeks. And there is nothing better to do so than by visiting a destination that is truly refreshing! We say, Alibaug, the nearest coastal town to Mumbai, is undoubtedly that ideal destination to spend your weekends at. What adds to the whole experience is the convenience of our new luxury holiday homes for rent situated there.

Here, we show you how a weekend at Alibaug looks like.

Water jets

This Konkan tourist town is teemed with numerous beaches, all catering to adventurous water sports. Beaches like Varsoli beach, Nagaon beach, Kihim beach and others offer a plethora of sports to indulge in. Jet skiing, banana rides, bird watching, and similar activities make these beaches all the more appealing.

Strolls on the beaches

Strolls on the shore, feeling the soft sand on your soles is an undeniably incomparable experience. There is nothing more energizing than these beach walks with the cool sea breeze to accompany you. Moreover, at the Alibaug beaches, the air is clean and pleasant, and hence, invigorating.

A few laps and a delectable treat

Villa Alenteho

Although beaches are the main attraction of Alibaug, they are not the only one. There is more, like the many luxury private villas located in good proximity to the main beaches, equipped with all the facilities needed to make a weekend complete. The private pool at our holiday homes are perfect for a few laps followed by a delectable treat arranged by our concierge services.

To conclude, two days filled with some adrenaline rush with beach activities, some soothing treatment with walks and swims, and ofcourse, stellar hospitality is all that is needed to revive your spirit!

Picture Courtesy: Thrillophilia and Alibaug places feature.